Urban Nursery Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland

January 9, 2023

Urban Nursery Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland Oregon

Olivia and Michaels wedding at Blockhouse in Portland was an insanely beautiful celebration and their urban nursery backdrop only added to the magic. Olivia and Michael’s vision for their wedding design was Wes Anderson meets Salvador Dali, surrealism meets nostalgic opulence. Needless to say they wanted to step out of the box with their wedding details and design elements, and boy did they ever. So, they leaned into their urban nursery wedding venue and went with a lush greenhouse aesthetic.  With design focal points made up of tropical florals, fruits, vegetables, vintage inspired cakes and bits of sculptural pieces. Sarah at Arche Creative really brought their vision to life and alongside Novella Theory florals completely transformed Blockhouse. Pomarius Nursery and Blockhouse morphed into what felt like a surrealism painting.

As for photography I leaned into that theme of nostalgic opulence and captured their wedding on digital, 35mm film, polaroids and Super 8mm video. Olivia wanted her wedding gallery to feel like “there are secret cameras at the dinner party”.  I said, “say less Olivia”.

About Blockhouse Wedding Venue in Portland, Oregon

Blockhouse is located just minutes from the Pearl District in Portland and tucked away inside of Pomarius Nursery. Pomarius Nursery is an urban nursery that’s open to the public and doubles as a dreamy greenhouse Portland wedding venue. Blockhouse is built around an open kitchen, bar and includes a great outdoor space that is covered year round (perfect for that beloved Portland weather). Making it a perfect space for hosting an intimate gathering or lavish party year round.

Here is what Olivia and Michael had to say about their Blockhouse Wedding:

What is your favorite memory or moment from your wedding day?

A few favorites; the ceremony was so special. My best friend Sam officiated our wedding and her speech was so specifically meant for Mike and I that the confusion of our guests made me laugh even harder. I also loved our first dance, again because it made me laugh how long the song seemed to be for us to do a solo performance of waddling back and forth like penguins. Everything went by so quickly but we felt so loved.

Why did you choose Blockhouse as your wedding venue?

We chose our venue because it was indoor/outdoor but also because it was still intimate while being able to accommodate our number of guests. We’re a big plant fam over here so the plants were a big plus too.

Describe the “vibe” or feeling you were going for when planning your Blockhouse wedding

Our vibe was surrealist, playful, intimate, romantic, and fun

Was there a certain moment during the ceremony or reception that stands out and you want to keep close forever?

I loved reading our vows to each other and that we did it quietly so it was a moment for us and not the audience

If you were to describe your wedding day in three words what would they be?

Special, fun, precious

Is there something you would have done differently (or something you would do more of) if you could do it again?

I could not have picked a better team, Dre, Sarah, Christina and everyone, we’re so lovely that I felt almost no stress. I’ve watched so many of my friends not enjoy the process or even the wedding because of the pressure of having things be perfect, but I felt that everything was in such great hands I didn’t have to worry. I do wish I had eaten more dessert.

If you could pick a song to match the feels of your wedding day what would it be?

I think naive melody

What do you love most about your photos? 

I love that our personalities come through in the pictures and that there are so many shots of us with our guests. When I look at them I remember how much fun we had and how lovey dovey we felt.

What are you most looking forward to now that you’re married? 

We love being married! Even though we have been together for a long time it feels different.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future couples planning their wedding? 

It’s not about it being a perfect day, try to relax, eat your dessert, cherish that most likely that group of people won’t be in a room together again and celebrate your love!!


Venue: Blockhouse + Pomarius Nursery
Design + Planning: Arche Creative
Floral: Novella Theory Floral
Catering: Art of Catering
Cakes: Alchemy Deserts
HMUA: Anny Chow Bridal
Rentals: Party Place + Great Jones

Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland
Wedding at Blockhouse in Portland

Insane right? I’m still not over it! Blockhouse is definetly one of my favorite wedding venues in Portland and the only urban nursery wedding venue in the city. If you’re still on the hunt for a wedding venue, check out my list of the Best Indoor Wedding Venues in Portland, Oregon.

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